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Cheryl Snell 

Bsc (HONS) Msc

Speech & Language Therapist


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We know that early intervention for children with speech, language and communication needs is important.

Are you concerned about your child's speech and language development?

Is your child waiting for a speech and language therapy appointment?

Have they been waiting for a long time? 


Communicam gives you easy access to communication targets, ideas and activities to help your child progress while you wait.  No waiting, no frustration, just easy access to the help your child needs.   

This is a remote service that does not involve travel to a clinic or therapist giving you more time to help your child.   


Communicam is a service that allows a trained speech and language therapist to review your child's communication needs quickly and effectively and then provide activities for you to enjoy with your child while promoting their speech, language and communication skills.


Just a few simple steps will give you the help you need...

Step 1. Online Form

This is a brief form that you complete to provide some basic information which will allow the speech and language therapist to send you some key activities to carry out with your child which you then video.  As soon as we receive your form we will send the activities for you to complete.  

The activities should take no longer than 30 minutes.

Step 2. Connect with a therapist via video

You can connect with your therapist via a video upload, Zoom, Teams or Skype - it's your choice whichever suits you.

A thirty minute connection with your therapist will allow your therapist to tailor your therapy package. 

Step 3. Personalised activities

As soon as we receive your video it will be viewed and then a resource pack will be sent to you through the post so that you do not have to worry about printing and organising it yourself.  

All activities are fun and engaging.  Record sheets and reward stickers will be included to motivate your child.

How Communicam can help your child

Childhood speech, language and communication issues are of key concern at the moment.  

With rise of the use of screen time, children are facing challenges in developing their skills.  

The importance of good speech, language and communication skills cannot be underestimated.


When a child reaches school age, they must be equiped with key skills to be able to learn and progress not just academically but also socially.  We know that getting help when your child needs it can be difficult and waiting times to see a Speech and Language Therapist can be long.


Communicam gives you the opportunity early on in your child's life to access help to allow them to progress in areas of need.  This is done through an online process which is fast and affordable. 

Watch our video

For more information about about how Communicam works and the service we offer, watch our helpful 5 minute video.

What does it cost ?

We offer a very affordable service which can be the cost of one therapy session if you were to pay for it private.

Let me introduce myself ...

Cheryl Snell Bsc (HONS) Msc

Speech & Language Therapist

My name is Cheryl Snell. I am a qualified Speech and Language Therapist with 27 years of experience.


I have worked in a wide range of fields covering general speech and language delays, disorders and children with special educational needs including Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down's Syndrome and Visual Impairment.

My vision for Communicam came from the ongoing and rising need for children to access help with their speech, language and communication needs in the context of the parents and carers often having to wait for assessments and therapy.

I want to be able to get you started in the process of helping your child to progress in their areas of need with just 3 simple steps causing you little frustration and hopefully lots of fun using your activity pack.

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