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Cheryl Snell 

Bsc (HONS) Msc

Speech & Language Therapist


Tel: 07802 891890


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Tips on taking your video 

To ensure your video can be successfully taken the following is advised:

  • Take the video in a distraction free environment e.g. no TV turned on or the risk of others interrupting you.​


  • Choose a time when you know your child will engage fully.


  • Try to show your child's face as much as you can, particularly if your child has unclear speech.


  • Get a third person to video it so that you can focus on the activities.


  • Watch the video before you send it to ensure you are happy with it.


  • Make sure that the video is no longer than 20-30 minutes.


  • Send your video using the Dropbox link sent to you.


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